#995 – Six-Pack Abs and Leadership: Neither Comes Easy

I thought this was going to be a great gift. Maybe even the greatest gift a son has ever given to his father. I had seen this on television while eating chips and dip a thought, “This is it! People can eat their favorite junk food while also getting an awesome workout.”. In theory, the perfect world.

So I quickly picked up the phone, dialed the 1-800 number and placed the order. The Ab Energizer as it was called was designed for people on the go. The multi-tasker who barely has time to eat, workout and take are of everything else that life throws at you. The Ab Energizer came as a belt that you placed around your waist that would deliver electrical shocks to your abdomen. I should have known there might be a problem when I opened the conductive gel bottle (red flag). Placing anything on your body that attracts electricity should cause one to pause, so I did. I paused long enough to call my sister in and ask her to try this “awesome new gift out”.

She applied the gel to her stomach (I encouraged her to put more on for better results) and then we got ready to turn on the Ab Energizer. I started at the “low” power level but when she said she couldn’t feel anything, I turned it up. After she hopped around for a bit and yelled “Turn it off!”, I did so (reluctantly). I then put on the conductive gel, fastened the belt and turned on the power…to high.

I should have just licked my finger and stuck it into a wall socket. My abs did not get a workout, but my stomach got shocked incessantly until I could get my hands back on the control and turn it off. Once I could breathe again, I took off the belt, put it back in the box, wrapped it for my dad and proudly presented him with the gift.

We all know the reality. Nothing comes quick. Not getting into shape, not losing weight and not leadership. There are no quick ways to being a great leader. There are the typical teases that we all like. Books and magazines that offer leadership tips like the Golf magazine offers tips for getting rid of your slice. And although we read them and use those suggestions, growing your leadership into shape takes time. If there was a leadership energizer that could shock us into great Teddy Roosevelt like leadership, we all would have purchased it a long time ago. Leadership is work and it can be hard. But just like a 6-pack of great magazine like abs, the results of leadership sweat are worth it.

Now GO lead!

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