#987 – Leadership and Attitude – You Have to Have One!

Attitude is a choice” is what I always heard growing up  “No one can make you have a bad attitude” was another oft quoted remark designed to make me re-adjust the imaginative set screws on the sides of my head in order to straighten myself up.

Leadership and attitude go hand in hand…you have to have one.  But the attitude has to be one that encourages positive and motivational behavior  Leaders are supposed to be the positive ones…the ones coming through the office inspiring others to do great work.  That doesn’t happen with leaders who have a negative or “woe is me” attitude.  The reality is, no one cares about your bad mood or bad attitude.  They have their own stuff to deal with and for crying out loud, you’re the leader, have a better attitude.

I once heard the story of a college basketball coach who got out of bed every morning and once he had both feet hit the ground, he yelled and clapped three times, “Attitude…Attitude…Attitude!”  Now depending on where you live and who you live with, this may or may not be an appropriate morning ritual.  However, the premise is there.  As leaders, we set the tone for our offices, our departments, schools, churches and corporations.  Working for an uninspired, negative nilly leader is a daily grind. Productivity will go down and positive morale will never exist.  We may not always feel great, but leaders have to have great attitudes.

We may not like the “Attitude is a Choice” line, but in reality, it’s true.  Have an attitude…and make it a good one!

Now Go Lead!

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1 Response to #987 – Leadership and Attitude – You Have to Have One!

  1. Attitude! Most of people who I meet with a good attitude is coming from a good family. It not mean that, rich or wealthy families. But it coming from a family with high faith in their religion and educated. This both criteria need to come together.
    Seem attitude can also be breed.

    But yes I also agree that attitude is a choice but they need to be educated first to realize that thing that they do is wrong. Without education it was nothing. Education here mean education of spiritual and religion.

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