#979 – Leaders Make Decisions “fearfully”, not out of Fear

About a week ago, I wrote a post on the decision from Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks to back out of a speaking engagement to the Global Leadership Summit, hosted by Willow Creek Church. This decision was reportedly based on an online petition demanding that Schultz not speak at an Evangelical Church based on a presumed stance on homosexuals. After less than 800 people (out of the millions of people who drink Starbucks) signed the petition, Schultz made the decision to not speak at the forum.

Leaders make decisions “fearfully”, not out of fear. I wasn’t there when this decision was made, but it certainly sounds like fear (bad publicity, loss of customers, etc) was the driving force. Leaders don’t make decisions out of fear.

However, there is a difference between doing something “fearfully” and ” out of fear”. As an Evangelical, I have grown up hearing about “fearing God”, but was always told that “fear” in this context, wasn’t about being scared, but instead about having respect. Respecting the Creator, or relating to this post, respecting leadership and it’s decisions.

Making decisions because you are worried about what might happen is fear…it’s all fear. SCARED!! Scared of what may happen so much that you and your team start to make up stories that have little to do with reality, but everything to do with fear. When fear drives decisions, mistakes will be made. They’ll be made because true facts aren’t being used, or if truth is present, it’s being misused. Fear causes “leaders” to panic and organizations to suffer. Great organizations respect facts and have leaders who fearfully approach each decision in a way that puts the organization first, not their one fears.

Now GO Lead!

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