#965 – Leaders Can’t Stand Mediocrity

It’s not that leaders just can’t stand mediocrity, but the word is not even in their vocabulary. They want the best performance from people and they want their organization to have the highest standards. Take that back, they don’t want their group to have the highest standards, they want THEIR company to SET the standard. Setting the standard for efficiency, performance, best practices and leadership. If the leader believes these things are happening, then the belief is that mediocrity will never be a part of the organization.

How a leader avoids becoming complacent is a topic for another day, but leaders who hate average performance also struggle with employees who have average performing attitudes. Not everyone is cut out to lead and to be “the” leader, but if you make a commitment to be a part of the team no matter your position, highly energized leaders will be averse to average performance.

It’s just the way leaders are wired. Go, go, go! That’s how it works and that’s what leaders expect of others. If a highly motivated leader (most true leaders are highly motivated toward something) is during their normal thing, that leader is going to have a hard time relating to people who do not share the same internal drive. Because mediocrity isn’t in the internal drive…it’s not there. Nowhere, no-how. When they walk into their office or even the front door, these leaders are ready to go and assume the rest of the team is ready as well.

Mediocrity, for the leader (and hopefully others) smells of ‘I don’t care”. It sends the message of “I’d rather be anywhere than here, with you, doing this”. There is little to no motivation with mediocre people. They don’t care and think you’re ridiculous for caring. The best thing for a leader to do while setting up a culture is to make sure…STRIVE EVERY DAY to have a place that exemplifies excellence. When that happens, those who live in mediocre-ville will realize they no longer are that comfortable. If they can’t change, they can leave.

Now GO Lead!

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