#959 – Leadership and Timing can be Everything

It’s one of those rare moments that only happens every now and then. The perfect time and the perfect date. I’m writing this post on November 1, 2011 and at one point today, I happened to look at the digital clock in my office at it was 11:11…so, that was 11:11 on 11-1-11. It’s one of those insignificant moments in time, only to be realized that that moment will not happen again in my lifetime.

Timing can be everything. In football, it’s the timing of quarterback with his receivers. In business, the market can be a key determination in the timing of IPO’s and product launches. In leadership, timing cable crucial bot the success of the leader.

The tough thing about timing is…you can’t really control it. The leader calmly influence so many things at a time and timing isn’t one of them. Instead of being concerned about when something will happen, leaders need to focus on how something will happen. Total and complete preparation are invaluable attributes to the leaders ability to execute when the timing is right. Being prepared for when the time is right shows followers that the leader is not only thinking about right now, but is also thinking about the how and the why of whenever the “now” will take place.

For example, a leader can be plotting their own course, setting a new vision and crafting a long term strategy only to be up-ended by an unforeseen act of nature, market instability, a tragedy or some other event that wasn’t in the timeline. It is during those moments that true leaders are successful and rise to the top. You can’t do anything about the timing, but you can do everything about being prepared for such a time as this.

Now GO Lead!

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