#958 – Leaders Share Success

This post comes on the heels of a very special occasion. Mike Krzyzewski just became the winningest coach in NCAA Men’s Basketball achieving his 903rd victory for Duke University. As a basketball fan, I’ve grown up with Coach K on the sideline always assuming that Duke would be in the annual hunt for the Final Four. Achieving this milestone is a big deal, especially when you can share the success with others.

Coaches can’t win games on their own. In fact, there’s an old saying that goes “Players win games and coaches lose games”. I’m not sure that’s totally accurate, but a coach needs players to get anything done. Coaches don’t play…they lead, plan and prepare a gameplay for the next contest. So when a victory comes, that win is built on the effort of a lot of people.

Just the other day when Coach K was asked about all of the victories, he talked about the fact that the program and the victories have been a team effort. That when you win and have that type of success, you bring a lot of people with you. What a great way to say that leaders share success.

Leaders share success for two very important reasons:

1. Leaders know that success comes from a lot of different people using their skills to advance the course the leader has set. A leader cannot do anything of value alone. There will be other skill sets that he needs to be able to achieve high levels of success. If the leader is mature, humble and relational, then sharing success will be something that is done regularly. People want to follow leaders like that…players want to play for coaches like that.

2. Leaders know that the journey to success is going to be much more fun when you have people with you. John Maxwell says that whenever a leader says its lonely at the top, he tells them, that not a very good leader. You can’t do it alone and should never want to do it alone. Leaders know that success is based on people and building relationships with those people who are giving and sacrificing so much.

So, as win number 903 has come for Coach K, it will be time to prepare for the next game. But as the wins pile up and the milestones continue to be surpassed, the leadership of Coach K will continue to be shared with his assistants and the years of players who have been in his program. Success will. be shared, because that’s what leaders do.

Now GO Lead!

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