#951 – Leaders Need to Dream

Every time I make a trip to Washington, D.C., a journey to the Lincoln Memorial is on the agenda. I’ll climb the steps and go over to the great statue of President Lincoln and give thanks. I’ll give thanks for a leader who stood for change, despite a country that was falling a part around him. I’ll be thankful for a leader who met the highest challenge with courage and faced the steepest odds with the deepest of convictions.

After I spend time with Lincoln, I’ll walk back down the steps to spend time with King. I’ll stand on the spot where one of the most famous 20th century speeches was delivered. I’ll look out over the reflecting pool and imagine what it was like that day in 1963. The day when a man stood before the world and dreamed…dreamed of a better place for people…dreamed of a better place for his children…dreamed of a better place for his country.

It seems an appropriate time to continue a dream that involves our children. This is my dream;

Children are our greatest gift and we have a responsibility to their future. We have a responsibility to guide them, protect them and provide an environment that encourages learning. Learning that is centered around the needs of students. Students no longer live in a world where they have to wait for knowledge to come to them. The days of the teacher being the possessor of knowledge and bestowing that knowledge to the child is coming to an end. It’s coming to an end because students are no longer going to wait for the information.

  • I dream of a day where schools are created in a way where education meets students where they are.
  • I dream of a day where curriculum is designed based on what is best for students.
  • I dream of a day where teachers are valued for the blessings they are.
  • I dream of a day when students have the ability to learn in real-time achieving real-time results.
  • I dream of a day when students have a say in the design and development of curriculum based on their needs and not those of publishing companies.
  • I dream of a day when students, no matter how they learn are viewed as special pieces of a amazing puzzle.

I believe that “dream” will one day exist. There are too many great teachers and educational leaders who feel the same way. They have the student’s need at the center of their desire. It’s a dream we can all achieve. One step at a time, one victory at a time, one child at a time.

Now GO Lead!

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