#948 – Leadership and the Power of Connection

I don’t want this to come across as if I am late to the party of anything, but has anyone picked up on the power of social media? Obviously, I’m joking around because we all know we now live in an environment that for some younger generations, is normal…but for older generations is becoming a new-found freedom as they re-connect with people. A couple of recent experiences I have had now give me a new and fresh understanding on how important the power of connection is.

A couple of years ago, during a Christmas break, I spent a lot of time reading different blogs and listening to various podcast from leaders in social media concepts. Scott Monty, Global Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager for Ford Motor Company is credited with being one of the initiators of the some the social media market that exists (the phrase Tweetup comes from Scott). Well, I read of a lot of Scott’s stuff and followed many of his links to find out what he is interested in. I thought I would email him about what he knows about education social media and what is out there. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a response. The guy has to be very busy appearing on the Fox Business Network and other media channels as well as running social media for Ford. Why would he respond to a local school principal.

Whether I thought he would respond or not became irrelevant after he sent me a reply to my email. He said it was great to make a local connection (we live probably within an hour of each other) and that although he was real familiar with education social media, directed me to a few links. To me, that was huge!! So huge that if I was in the market for a new car, I would start with Ford. His taking the time to connect with me was a really big deal.

Another connection experience I had was with Mitch Joel. Mitch is another author and digital marketing specialist who I have read a lot lately. His blog posts and podcasts are extremely interesting and helpful. through Linked In, I asked a friend of mine who was connected to Mitch, to make a connection. Within a day, Mitch got back to me, connected with me and offered a nice personal note. Again, this is a big deal for me. These people are considered experts in what they do and certainly have more things to do than find links for me to read or write me nice notes…or isn’t this part of the success they are having. Taking time to connect.

These examples come at a perfect time: the beginning of 2012 with all types of resolutions on our plates. My resolution: take time to connect. Respond to emails from concerned families at my school. Respond to phone calls that need to addressing. Look for new ways to connect with people. That re-investment into “people connection” and relationship building, may go along way to improving the climate of your organization and your leadership.

Without even knowing me, Scott and Mitch took time to connect. What a great example! Plus, when I someday buy my new Ford automobile, I can use their cool Sync technology and pipe in Mitch’s podcasts. What a great day that will be:)

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2 Responses to #948 – Leadership and the Power of Connection

  1. This is such an important lesson, Randy — many true leaders are not as inaccessible as we think they are, and social media (used correctly and appropriately) can be a powerful connection tool. I learned about your post because I have a Google alert set up for the phrase “power of connection” since that’s the theme of my own blog.

    Best wishes for your continued success. I see from your blogroll that we share a lot of interests.

    • randyspeck says:


      Thank you for your comment. This is an immediate example of reaching out and connecting to others…living into the blog that you write. I also appreciate your sharing my post via twitter and I hope we can continue to connect with each other.


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