#932 – Leaders Know It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

Perfection is impossible so I sometimes wonder why we worry about it.  To me, it’s not about whether or not a plan is perfect, it’s about how well the plan was executed and what you learned from it.  That’s the great thing about not being perfect…always learning.

It doesn’t take much effort to find information about “being a better you.”  Bookstore shelves are lined with self-help books and the “Top Ten Ways” to do this or that.  Online bookstores make it even easier to find the answers in someone else’s writings about what lessons you need to learn.  If I am honest, I have to admit that I like a good book every now and then, but over time, I am learning that the best lessons are coming from my own experiences.

Plans are crucial and any leader realizes that you cannot lead any organization without a plan.  But the strategy always has to be flexible to enough to alter the course of acton when it needs to be.  When the plan gets changed, then there should be total focus on executing the plan.  When the direction isn’t perfect, change the plan and then FOCUS!  Alan Mullaly, CEO of the Ford Motor Company says that “running a business is a design job.  You need a point of view about the future, a really good plan to deliver the future and then relentless implementation.”  That’s the key…it doesn’t have to be perfect, but the desire to accomplish to goal and to deliver the plan has to be complete.

Now GO Lead!

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1 Response to #932 – Leaders Know It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

  1. I think you make some really interesting points here.

    One question… you mention learning from your experiences. As a newbie around here, what might those experiences be?

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