#919 – Leaders Notice the Little Things

It doesn’t have to be much, but have you ever noticed that a small compliment can go a long way.  Someone makeslittle things a change in their appearance and you notice..there is better organization and you notice…a new introduction is made and you remember their name and something special about them or their family.  If you are listing “important” leadership attributes, one of the biggest areas to focus on begins with things that are small.

People are busy and are getting busier every day.  It may even feel like it is a chore just to say hello to people when you first walk into the office.  But leaders know they set the tone.  Leaders know that recognizing the little things isn’t little at all…it’s HUGE.  Human beings have an innate desire to be appreciated and complimented.  Not everyone enjoys the spotlight or aspires to be out in front, however a small note, a little encouragement and a tiny bit of recognition may lead to a deeper commitment.

So take time out of each and every day to notice something new and different about someone.  Offer that awareness to them as a small gift and encourage those to pay it forward to others.  Who knows, a little bit of encouragement may produce a BIG result.

Now GO Lead!

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