Top Leadership Posts for 2013


It’s that time of year!!  End of the year lists for best movies, music, top plays,
worst plays, best entertainer and worst entertainer.  End of the year lists give us a chance to look back on the year that was and provide some reflection.  Over the past couple of years, I have posted some leadership concepts that have a certain importance and relevance to me.  Below are my top 25 Leadership 1K posts… I hope you like them…

No GO Lead!

25.  Don’t Be Fake…People Can See Through It and It’s Really Annoying

24.  Leaders Can Admit to Being Wrong

23.  Six Pack Abs and Leadership…Neither Come Easy

22.  Leadership Isn’t a Cliche

21.  Leaders Are Lifelong Learners

20.  Leaders Find the Right People…for Right Field

19.  Leadership and Attitude…You Have to Have One!

18.  Leaders Care About Reconciliation

17.  Leaders Know How to Ride Momentum

16.  Leaders Make Decisions “Fearfully”, Not Fearful

15.  Failing in Leadership Doesn’t Feel Like Going Forward

14.  Leaders Plan for the Majority, but Prepare for the Minority

13.  Leaders Can’t Stand Mediocrity

12.  Leaders Create and Innovate

11.  Leaders Use the Short Term to Plan for the Long Term

10.  Leadership and Timing…It’s Everything

9.   Leaders Know How to Be Compassionate

8.  Authenticity…It’s a Real Leadership Characteristic Trait

7.  Leaders Need to Dream

6.  Leaders Understand the Power of Connection

5.  Leadership Can Be Ugly

4.  Leaders Know It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

3.  Leaders Look and Listen to Different Perspectives

2.  Leaders Share Success With Others

1.  Leaders Color Outside of the Lines

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