#914 – Leaders Celebrate Victories

“Celebrate good times, C’mon!!…..It’s a celebration! 🙂 – Kool and the GaImageng.

Throughout the year, offices and organizations all over will take some time during a day, havesome cake and sing happy birthday to one of their co-workers.  It’s a great opportunity to celebrate a milestone in someone’s life and to show them deserved appreciation.

As a leader, having the awareness to know when to show recognition to your organization is an important characteristic.  With economic downturns an inevitable part of life and quarterly earnings and sales projections an almost daily “in your face” reminder of how tough any type of business is, finding time to celebrate is HUGE!!

People need to have the chance to take a quick break, catch their breath and for the moment hear the words “Well Done!”  It doesn’t need to be big and it doesn’t have to be a production but it should happen.  The victory may not be a large one, but having a profitable month after ten losing ones, is one to celebrate.  String it together with a second month, a third month…six straight months of positive growth and the momentum train can start to roll.  Celebrations communicate victories to people who are working hard to make it happen.

Leaders, take some time and say “Way to Go!, we did it and we’re going to keep doing it!”  Maybe even play some Kool and the Gang 🙂

Now GO Lead!

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