912 -Leaders Learn from Other Leaders

Every Saturday morning at 7:30, I get up to participate leadership in a great Twitter discussion surrounding education, learning, technology and how to be a more effective leader (shoutout to #satchat).  Throughout the week there are various discussions that continue to help “sharpen the saw” as they say (Hello #sunchat and #COLchat).

I love reading books and articles from “famous” leaders…those who have gone before and those who are in the “Leadership Hall of Fame.”  But I think I am also appreciating more the relevance I am learning from the “real” leaders out there.  The ones I hear from each week sharing their victories and their struggles.

We each have experiences to share.  We each have stories we have lived through.  Part of leadership is the ability to relate to others and provide guidance and counsel to those who are looking for it.

No GO Lead!

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