About Leadership 1K

Leadership is needed in so many industries…period! Whether it is in business, schools or churches, we need strong leaders and people who believe in leadership.

There is no shortage of books that offer “Seven Steps to Being a More Effective Leader” or “Five Keys to Leadership.”  Those books are well-meaning and are designed to focus on certain areas of the leader and more specific leadership.  This blog, however, is meant to expand on the specifics and instead, focus on the life of the leader.

Leadership is about who the person is and what the person does on a daily basis.

  • Does the person who is leading engage people?
  • Does the leader act in a manner worthy of others’ trust?
  • Does the leader have the energy needed to inspire others to achieve their potential?

Leadership 1K is about identifying 1000 traits and characteristics of leadership that cause people to take notice and want to be in that leaders presence.  Leadership isn’t one book or one article.  Leadership isn’t a graduate course or degree.  Leadership is a lifestyle…it is living into the values that make people great.

I hope you’ll join me in the journey.


3 Responses to About Leadership 1K

  1. April says:

    Hi Randy,
    I know that you recently wrote about the iPad’s use in education, so I thought you would be interested in the fact that we have developed an E-textbook for the iPad. “Statistics 1 for the iPad” is an E-Textbook built on a Mobile Learning Platform – which has been proven effective at increasing student learning and motivation.

    We also just wrapped up a Semester-long pilot study with Abilene Christian University in Texas, where students in an intro Statistics class used our iPhone app in conjunction with classroom lessons, as well as outside the classroom for studying. Virtually all the students reported a heightened motivation to study and a better understanding of statistics as a result of using the app.

    The results of the study we published in this White Paper, and they’ve given us some valuable insight into our future software development. I’d love for you to include us in any upcoming insights for Converge about the transition from traditional textbooks to new media and mobile devices – we’re a frontrunner in this transition!

    I’ve included the release we issued today below for more information. Thank you for your time,

    April, GetYa Learn On

    New Findings from Semester-Long Study on iPhone Integration in the College Classroom Reveals Increased Motivation and Learning Among Students

    Partnership Between ‘GetYa Learn On’ and Abilene Christian University Provides Unique Findings and Valuable Insight for Future Software Development, Including E-Textbooks for the iPad

    Download image
    AUSTIN, Texas, March 30 /PRNewswire/ — GetYa Learn On, LLC – an educational software company that created the innovative application called “Statistics I” – today released empirical findings from a pilot study conducted during the Fall semester of 2009 at Abilene Christian University (ACU). Students in an introductory Statistics class were given the new iPhone application which was used to supplement the instructor’s lectures and for studying and test preparation. Statistics I is based on a rich Mobile Learning Platform™ that includes lessons, touch-screen simulations, calculators, decision making tools, quizzes, flashcards, formulas, and a glossary. The Statistics I app has been converted into an iPad E-Textbook and is under review for the grand opening of the iPad App Store.
    (Logo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20100330/DA78532LOGO)
    The results of the study were published in a White Paper that was released today. The study provides evidence that GetYa Learn On’s Mobile Learning Platform used in conjunction with classroom lectures increases engagement and academic performance. Out of the 36 students in the class, virtually all students reported a heightened motivation to study because of the mobility and convenience of having quick access to information on their iPhone. More than two-thirds of the class reported that they developed a better understanding of statistics as a result of using the app. The majority of students even reported having consistent study patterns throughout the semester – using the app to study lecture notes, testing their knowledge by taking quizzes or flipping through flashcards and referencing the glossary or formula list.
    The effectiveness of Statistics I stems from GetYa Learn On’s research-based approach to development of educational technology. ACU and GYLO continue to pilot test and gather data on students’ learning, motivation, and behavioral patterns of app usage.
    “Smartphones and other touchscreen devices have fundamentally changed connectedness as we know it today. They’ve simply become ubiquitous – even on college campuses,” said Priya Nihalani, M.A., Director of Research for GetYa Learn On, who also led the study. “But, educators have made little progress in finding ways to actually harness this technology for improving students’ learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. That’s why we’re taking these important findings to the next level by developing E-textbooks for the iPad.”
    GetYa Learn On is currently developing E-Textbooks for the Apple iPad that are based on the proven Mobile Learning Platform™ and that go beyond traditional textbooks by providing multi-touchscreen simulations that allow students to experiment with complex concepts. The company is also developing a “smart” platform that customizes instruction to the individual learner’s level of prior knowledge and learning preferences.
    “The soon-to-be-introduced iPad has the potential to change the buying dynamics in both the secondary and higher education markets,” said Charlie Wolf, analyst for Needham & Company. “The device has the potential to go much further if, as it appears certain, education content is customized for the iPad to exploit its unique multimedia capabilities. It is not difficult to imagine classrooms where the iPad takes center stage, capturing a significant percentage of the school market in the process.”
    For more information about GYLO, visit GetYaLearnOn.com, follow us on Twitter, or be our friend on Facebook.
    GetYa Learn On, LLC. is a private company headquartered in Austin, Texas and founded in 2008. The company is comprised of a team of experts from software development, educational psychology, instructional technology, and measurement and evaluation. GetYa Learn On develops innovative educational applications, E-Textbooks, and games based on research in education and instructional technology design.
    © 2010 GetYa Learn On Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. GetYa Learn On, the GetYa Learn On logo and all other marks contained herein are trademarks of GetYa Learn On Intellectual Property. All other marks contained herein are property of their respective owners.
    For more information, contact:
    April Borlinghaus
    (210) 323-7018

    • randyspeck says:


      Thanks for the info. I have a brother and sister that graduated from ACU so I’m glad that project was piloted there.

      I lead a K-12 private school in MI. I am very interested in seeing how the iPad will be useful in classrooms for students of all levels. if there is an interest to pilot some programs with us…small scale or large, let’s talk. We’re open, flexible, innovative and ready to reach and teach students.


      • Michael says:

        Hi Randy,

        We’ve continued our research with ACU. When did your brother and sister go there?

        We ran another study and found that students’ use-patterns differed based the form factor of the device. The iPad was preferred for reading and studying; however, the iPhone was considered more efficient because students always have it with them. Here’s a link to the release: http://bit.ly/hgMgaI

        We should talk about setting up your stats classes with our app on your iPads. We can send you promo codes if you’re interested.


        Dr. Michael Mayrath

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