I remember the first time I ever stood in front of a group of people.  It was the fourth grade and my job was to sing the big solo, “Put a Little Love in your Heart.”  I’m not sure my body moved the entire time I was singing, but I stayed there and faced the audience.  From that moment, I have loved to be with people, teaching, training, motivating and leading.

If you’re looking for someone who loves to share stories in a way that will connect with your audience, I’d be happy to be a part of your event.  If you are looking for a time of laughter that links to a strategic objective in your organization, give me a call.  And if you’re looking for something special for your audience, I will not disappoint you.

Recently, Corp! Magazine named me as one of the Top Entrepreneurs in the State of Michigan.  With a strong team of people around me, I have had success leading and motivating groups, both large and small.  I believe I can do the same for you!!  For example, below are three types of presentations I can bring to your event.  Each will be tailored to fit your needs to produce a successful program.

Linking the Picture to the Behavior

Everyone has a marketing plan, or at least, believes they do.  Its the high glossy brochures showing engaged employees working with satisfied customers.  Smiles are broad and agreements are fulfilled.  Its the perfect environment, consisting of perfect employees dealing with perfect customers.

But is it really that way?  Does the picture of the service you provide link to the behavior that actually exists?  Its possible that if you placed one of those impressive brochures in front of a customer and asked them to rate their personal experience compared to the picture, that the customer would provide some valuable feedback.  Because the reality is, happy customers equal happy repeat customers.

Can You Please Stop Complaining

Its too hot.  Its too cold.  The musics too loud.  The musics too soft.  And on and on it goes.  Have you ever been around people that just constantly complained?  Its as though there is never a good day for them.  And if they are constantly complaining, then those around walk on eggshells, or better yet, walk away.

Having a place to work or live that is free from the constant complaining can be achieved.  It improves morale, boost productivity and allows for a newfound freedom within the workplace.

The New Leadership

Its not in the degrees earned or the schools attended.  Its not in the position held or the entitlement that is believed.  The new leadership that will grow companies, build organizations, transform schools and connect communities is one not yet taught in graduate school.  The new leadership will be one less concerned about personal accolades and more driven by organizational impact.  The new leadership will focus on others and not on self.  And finally, the new leadership will get results.

The new leadership will get results because there will be a reality that life isnt always about what we want.  Work goals and strategic objectives have to be about a common goal and objective.  When that is realized, a new culture will develop within the organization.

If you’re interested in having me speak to your group or organization, contact me at srspeck@me.com and we will put together a great program for your event.


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